Our natural wood flooring products will give your home a space that is truly luxurious, cozy, durable and natural with time. With modern production technology, we are creating many different product lines such as SOLID, UNI, FJL-2P, 3P, 4P flooring and wood finishing with UV coating. layer or wipe waterproof, anti-scratch for high surface beautiful wood, smooth. Our company is committed not to use toxic chemicals in the production process. The product is made completely environmentally friendly, ensuring absolute health and safety for the user. Our natural flooring products meet European, Japanese and American standards.

With years of experience in the woodworking industry, WINGFOR WOOD FACTORY is a pioneer in the processing and selection of high quality materials in the production of natural flooring, especially Acacia and Oak. Page

White Oak Wood: Round wood imported directly from Europe, America, sawmill, drying at the factory to ensure quality wood, delivery on time and stable material source.

Acacia Wood: We carefully selected from planted wood, sawn and treated in a separate method to protect mold and termites absolute and light wood natural beauty.

The main color is natural wood, we create and bring many different flooring products. These products are UV-coated on the wood surface, offering a wide variety of choices to customers at competitive prices